Top-up code for printing and copying

One digital top-up card with a value of 150 credits to be used to top up your printing and copying quota.

Observe! Top-up cards can only be used by holders of user accounts at Åbo Akademi University!

The top-up card will be delivered to your automatically within half an hour. To redeem the card, go to, choose “Redeem Card” to the left, fill out the form with the code(s) on the top-up card and click “Redeem Card”.

The printout and copy quota is reset to 400 credits 1. January and 1. July. This also applies to quota attained from top-up cards.

Please send questions and feedback regarding printing and copying to / +358 2 215 4777.


(incl. VAT 24%)
Product Code: värdebevis kopiering