Terms and conditions

Terms of Delivery and Purchase

Åbo Akademi shop is an online shop where registered and unregistered clients may order products, publications and services. General terms of delivery and purchase are completed in product information. General terms of delivery and purchase are applied between Åbo Akademi shop and its clients. By sending an ordering form you agree with the terms.

Client Information and Registration

Registration is voluntary and free of charge. At registration, the client fills out the form with his/her contact information and creates a personal password for his/her username. Email address works as a username. Employees at Åbo Akademi University cannot log in with their university username, they must register separate user account. Ordering is easier for a registered user, because his/her contact information are pre-filled in the ordering form. A registered user may also view his/her own order history.

Client information may be distributed only within legal boundaries. More information about the register is found in Register description.


Private persons

The subscriber must be over 18 years old. When ordering, the client should submit his/her name, mail address, phone number and email.

Corporate customers

When ordering, a corporate customer should always report the company name, contact person, mail address, VAT identification number, phone number and email.


Prices are displayed at the product presentation. When applicable, value tax is included. The amount of tax is displayed in the presentation.

We reserve the right for changes in price.

Method and Time of Delivery

The customer may collect the product from the service desk of Åbo Akademi shop or the product may be sent by mail.

The service desk is at Gripen, Hämeenkatu 13, 20500 Turku, open Monday-Friday 9-12 and 13-15. Exceptions are specified per product.

Those customers who have chosen to pick the products up themselves, will get an email notification once the items are ready for pickup at the Åbo Akademi university.

For storage products, the estimated delivery time is 3-7 work days. Some products may have a delivery time of 7-14 work days (deliveries to Finland).

When multiple products with different delivery times are purchased, the longest time stands for all products. The delivery time is an estimate.

Delivery Expenses

Delivery expenses include mailing and packing costs. There are no delivery expenses if the product is collected from the shop.

An amount of 2,90 euros will be added to all orders being posted. The amount of delivery expenses is visible during the ordering process before confirming the order.

Methods of Payment

Products and mailing costs are mainly paid through online banking in connection with the ordering process. Certain service products are paid through a separate link after the University has confirmed the order.

Online banks

Online payment is available. Purchase process takes place at the site of Paytrail.

The payment service is implemented by Paytrail in co-operation with Finnish banks and credit companies.

Paytrail Technology Ltd
FO-number: 2552865-3
Innova 2
Lutakonaukio 7 40100 Jyväskylä
Phone: +358 20 718 1830

Credit card payments

Credit card (Amrican Express, Visa, MasterCard) payments are executed by the supplier Paytrail in accordance with banks and credit institutions. Payments made with credit cards have Paytrail as the recipient on the invoice. Paytrail submits the payment onwards to Åbo Akademi University. Paytrail has a license from the Finnish Finance inspection.

Mobile payment

Mobile payment is possible on MobilePay, Pivo and Siirto via Paytrail.


Invoicing is possible through Paytrail’s channels: Walley, Joustoraha and OP Lasku.

If the customer is not able to pay in any method mentioned above, we ask the customer to contact shop@abo.fi

Terms of Exchange and Return

There is a 14-day return possibility for the products since the package is received (including holidays, excluding the collection day). The product must be returned on the next work day after the 14th day at the latest.

The right to return applies only for unharmed and unused products. Return is free of charge in Finland. The return is made by the customer return form (Posti). When using alternative methods of delivery or international mail, Åbo Akademi shop is not responsible of the costs.

Date of purchase is the day when the package is collected from the mail, o alternatively the date of the receipt. The client’s duty is to demonstrate the date when the product is collected, e.g. by a receipt.

Products must always be returned in the original package, carefully packed. A copy of a receipt must be attached, along with further information on the product and customer, including bank account information when necessary.

Unfounded returns and returns in which the product has been used are charged from the customer, including the mailing costs.

Product Defects

The customer should inform the vendor on product defects within reasonable time. If you are unsure, please contact the customer service before returning the product. Defects are mainly corrected by submitting a flawless replacement product. If this is not possible, a refund is paid to the customer.

Force Majeure

In case of force majeure, Åbo Akademi shop is not responsible of delays and the possible indirect impediments caused by the delay or condition of the product

Customer Communication

Åbo Akademi shop sends marketing and customer service emails. The marketing letter may be cancelled by informing the customer service by phone or by an email to shop@abo.fi.

Customer service emails are related to the order and its delivery from Åbo Akademi shop. By accepting the terms of delivery the customer accepts to receive customer service emails.

More information is found in Register description.


In controversial situations between Åbo Akademi shop and the client, Finnish law is applied. The customer has a right to consumer complaints.

Changing the Terms

The Åbo Akademi university has a right to change the rules of Åbo Akademi shop at any time. The rules that are valid at the time of purchase always stand.

Validity of Rules

These rules are applied since 15 May 2022.

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