Transcripts and certificates

Åbo Akademi University charges a fee for service to persons not currently pursuing studies. This applies to persons who have not registered for the academic year or persons who do not hold a study entitlement at the university (Rector’s decision 8.1.2013).

Service in the lower fee type includes:

  • Transcripts of Records
  • Copies of Degree Certificates
  • Copies of older study guides and course descriptions
  • Verification of degrees completed at ÅAU
  • Other certificates that require a smaller amount of work

Service in the higher fee type includes:

  • Reconstructions of lost Degree Certificates
  • Explanations of the contents of previously issued Degree Certificates
  • Other certificates that require a larger amount of work

NB! You need to contact the Faculty Office responsible for the service before paying the fee!

See contact details here.

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Product Code: Studieintyg och avskrifter