Smartum-vouchers, 5 pcs (personnel only, VASA) – temporarily out of stock

To be paid 2 euro/voucher, 10 euros for 5 pcs.

Max. 30 pcs / calendar year, i.e. you can purchase max. 6 x 5 vouchers (for 6 x 10 euros) per calendar year.

The total number of vouchers is limited and vouchers can be bought as long as the stock lasts.

In 2022 Smartum-vouchers will only be available for the employees in Vasa. In Åbo, the employees have access to services provided by CampusSport. Contact person in Vasa is Anki Stenkull-Aura,, tel. 06-324 7161. The vouchers can be collected from her (B430 in the Academill-building).


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Out of stock

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